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Financial Tips

When you order an item from a catalogue and need to return it, if the retailer has a brick and mortar store in your area, they may accept the return there. This saves you the expense of the return shipping.

Use that extra paycheck. If you get paid every other week, build your budget on two paychecks per month, or 24 per year. When the extra two paychecks come in, put them toward your credit card debt. You'll never feel it on the living expense side, yet you'll get out of debt much quicker.

Coupons can save you money, but not if they're expired. To keep this from happening, file your coupons by expiration month instead of category. That way, you can look through the coupons each month and see if you need to purchase any of the items.

When paying your bills by mail, send them 7-10 days in advance. If your payment is late, it could cost you $29 or more in a late fee.

Keep all of the receipts from your purchases. That way you can confirm the charge on your credit card statement. It will also make the process simpler in case you need to return the item for replacement or refund.

If you overlook making a payment until the due date, don't panic. Simply call the company and see if they can accept a one-time payment by phone or with a debit card. This will keep you from having a late mark against your credit, as well as having a late fee assessed.

Some over-the-limit fees on credit cards are $39. Save money by never exceeding your credit limit.

Never charge more than you can pay off in full and on time each month. Doing so will save you hundreds of dollars in interest and fees every year.

Paying for theft insurance on your credit card may not be a wise idea. It is not likely that you'll need it, because if you lose your card, you're only liable for $50 if anything at all.

Be cautious when using the cash advance option on your credit card. Often the rate for this service is much higher, and there's no grace period. You'll start paying interest right away.

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